For many years I have dealt with some of the most well known manufacturers in the industry and some have requested my friendly advise when in need of product design or simply to provide them with a name of someone who could assist them in the creation of a logo or anything concerning EDC gear, I have myself reviewed some of their gear.

I have decided to take a step further now and be the ONE to provide a huge range of services to everyone out there, a private entity or a company, in need of customized gadgets or the design and production of EDC gear being a wallet or a pouch or anything you can think of in any kind of material.

Ours is a team of professionals, with years of experience, very good at doing our job such as logo design, product design and manufacturing.

Proud Lion will be your ‘one stop’ where you can virtually have anything made in any material possible, all you have to do is ask for something and in 99.9% of cases you’ll get the same reply YES, WE CAN DO IT!

We are focusing a lot on Product Design, so anything made out of MilSpec cordura.. in the way that if you have an idea we will materialize it for you, check our Product Design section to get more infos abt this service. Everything is made with top notch, milspec materials! (product design fallo cliccabile cosi’ li porta alla pagina)


Products we can manufacture and customize:
EDC knives, EDC pens, EDC capsules, Spinners, Grooming, EDC Trays Wallets, Knucks, Keychains, Power Banks, Money Clips, headwear, t-shirts, patches, coins, keytags, stickers, lapel pins… and a lot more!
Materials used:
Leather, Carbon fiber, steel, titanium, PVC, MilSpec Cordura, Alluminium, Steel, Glass, Kydex.. and or any other material of your choice!